First Chemical LIMITED

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First Chemical LIMITED has been serving individual customers and commercial establishments for over three decades. We amply provide sanitation and cleaning items with a wide selection of diverse options.

Our Continuing Commitment To Innovative Solutions

We are known in the market for our continuing commitment to innovative solutions, and this has aided us in successfully establishing enterprises with manufacturing facilities in Canada. We also plan to expand into Europe.

Our Toronto, Ontario, company has established a solid reputation for dependability, quality, and innovative product development. As a specialty chemical manufacturer, we provide diverse products for the personal care, industrial, and institutional markets.

Our Guarantee

We sell quality products and guarantee their effectiveness to the last drop. If you're not satisfied with your detergents, sanitizers, or soaps, we will take it back and replace your money or the product.


We strive to make sure our products and services are easy for our customers to read and understand. Quality, service, and pricing are three of our top focuses when aiming to meet this goal.